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Welcome to the Peace Corps/Uganda

Welcome to Peace Corps Uganda website. This site was created to share Peace Corps experiences and resources with others. To our prospective Volunteers, this site offers a glimpse of our work at post. If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer, please visit this link to contact your Regional Recruiting Office who can tell you more about serving in Uganda and how to apply. Thanks for choosing Peace Corps!

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  • CAPITAL CITY –  Kampala
  • LARGEST CITY –  Kampala
  • OFFICIAL LANGUAGE(S) – English (Official), Kiswahili, Luganda, Runyakitara, Luo, Ateso, Lusoga (Others)
  • AREA (KM2) – 241,038 km2
  • POPULATION – 32 million
  • GDP – US$ 42,180 million (2009 est.)
  • CURRENCY – Uganda Shillings